Wall-E release is out!

by cisterni 19. June 2009 21:08

Hi everybody, first of all we should apologize for our long silence. But we work at a University and the second term has been tough and we delayed the VSLab release in the hope of concluding several on-going parts. But now the May CTP of F# is out and people was asking for un updated version. So today we have released VSLab Wall-E which is also planned to work on Visual Studio 2010 (which is something we are working on).

In this release the major step has been the consolidation of the foundation (of the hack would be more appropriate perhaps...) of the system. We are currently using it for real scientific projects now and we are really happy! We are building a machine for micro-fabrication of tissues in collaboration with biomedical engineers and everything works with VSLab better than with Matlab.

As for the development, we are working on a general purpose viewlet for data drawing with vectorial support (even if developed in Windows Forms) so that non-computer scientist may easily plot data. We are improving the lightweight controls library, and the overall Visual Studio integration (though this must cope with the new upcoming release).

From now on you'll hear more often from us, we're back!

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6/19/2009 10:26:45 PM

Rick Minerich

Great to hear VSLab is getting real world use. I can't wait to give the new controls a try.

Rick Minerich us

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