by cisterni 14. February 2009 10:32

A frequently asked question about VSLab is "ok, this is nice and I see the library can address many Matlab/Mathematica scenarios, but how about math?". My typical answer is: you can look for .NET math libraries out there, there are many. However often people looks for hints on how browse the jungle Web out there.

I suggest a couple of libraries that may address many of common situations: the Math.NET library, a very large library featuring a lot of features and it is LGPL and GPL and easily embeddable into VSLab projects; and dnAnalytics a library less complete but with merits, especially because of the attention to performances.

In the meantime we are working to a WPF viewlet (though with different architecture with respect to Viewlets) and Data Visualization viewlets to be used in experiments. We are also considering to add a CopyClipboard feature to viewlets so that it is easy to capture views and insert into papers.


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2/14/2009 5:26:22 PM


A WPF Viewlet!!!

Fantastic News. I'm really looking forward to the next release!


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